Western Conference Playoffs Round 1 vs. St. Louis: Game 6

Still alive, baby! There were a few different times on Thursday night where I thought the Blackhawks might not make it, including a late penalty kill that cost them dearly for the third game in a row, but they survived and now might have the Blues right where they want them. I predicted this series would go seven games, and I feel pretty good about that prediction right now. 

For the Blackhawks to force a Game 7, they are going to need their captain to score once or twice tonight. No one knows this more than Jonathan Toews, who has yet to score in this series. He said so himself in an interview yesterday, so I’m expecting his most determined effort tonight. When Toews decides it’s his turn to carry the team, he usually comes through. 

Andrew Shaw also gets a chance to draw back into the lineup tonight after his meltdown in Game 4 which cost him a suspension for Game 5. No one can deny the grit and skill he brings to the lineup, and sometimes you have to get nasty in order to play that way. But your #IsupportShaw memes are dumb. There is no sports league in the world, professional or not, that allows players to flip the double birds at the referees and call them fags. Shaw’s lucky he only got one game. If you want to give your buddy a hard time and call him that when you’re among friends, I don’t have a problem with that. But use your brain, Shaw got what he deserved because that kind of behavior is unacceptable in a professional sports arena.

So it’s almost time to put the same clothes I wore on Thursday night back on. Undies too. Don’t judge me. If the Blackhawks can force a Game 7 by winning tonight, everyone will encourage me to do the same thing on Monday night. I recommend whatever you did on Thursday night, you keep doing it. We need that mojo. LET’S GO HAWKS!!! 


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