Western Conference Playoffs vs. St. Louis: Game 5

 Well, it hasn’t looked very good so far. The Blackhawks have simply been outplayed up to this point. The reasons why the Hawks currently find themselves down 3-1 in this series are many, but I didn’t come here to bury them. Instead, I’m holding out hope. 

We’ve seen the Blackhawks in this situation before. I talked last time about playing with the level of desperation necessary to compete in the playoffs and I still don’t think the Hawks have reached it yet. Have they gotten complacent? Are they not good enough this year to flip the switch? I don’t believe either of those things are true, so I hope that the Hawks will be able to turn the compete level up high enough to dig themselves out of this hole.

It all starts with winning this game. Beating the Blues on their home ice might be enough to put the seed of doubt in their minds. It would also bring this series back to Chicago for a Game 6 with the Hawks confident that they can force a Game 7.

So it’s time to get weird. Put on your lucky undies, grab yourself whatever cocktail you think will inspire the mojo, and have some faith that the Blackhawks will at least be able stay alive. They’ve done it before, so there is no reason to think they can’t do it again. LET’S GO HAWKS!!!


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