Stanley Cup Final vs. Tampa Bay: Game 4

Today was definitely a pool day. The beard is always the last part that becomes completely dry. The sunlight bleached it a little too. Ahh, summertime.

Well, the ledge jumpers are back. When was the last time the Blackhawks overcame a 2-1 series deficit, anyway? Oh yeah, two weeks ago vs. Anaheim. But when have they done that during the Stanley Cup Final? Oh yeah, two years ago vs. Boston. This isnt uncharted territory for the Hawks. In Games 1-3 of every series, the Hawks are feeling things out, which is backed up by their 30-30 record in those games since Q took over. The Hawks have gone 40-14 in Games 4-7 in that same timespan, so if they stay true to that form, we should see a better effort from the home team and a tied series tonight.

According to reports, Kris Versteeg and Kimmo Timonen are drawing in for tonight’s game. I have no problem with Versteeg going in for Bryan Bickell. We’ve been stuck with cable Bryan Bickell, instead of DirecTV Bryan Bickell, for the entire playoffs. Versteeg is the more versatile player between the two, so Q gets more options for matchups. Timonen, on the other hand, is another calculated gamble by Q. If old man Kimmo is playing tonight, that must mean Trevor van Riemsdyk passed the test on Monday and will be seeing more minutes. I didn’t think Kyle Cumiskey played bad, but he didn’t see the ice that much anyway. Timonen hopefully will summon the very last bit of mojo he can, because he’s retiring in two weeks. Last chance, Kimmo.

Sometimes the bounces don’t go your way. Sometimes the other team makes a great play, like Victor Hedman’s 120 ft pass to Ryan Callahan to set up a snipe by Callahan from 35 ft out. Hedman made another great play off the rush to set up the go-ahead goal in the 3rd period of Game 3. Does somebody want to get in front of the giant Norseman skating straight up the middle with the puck? Hedman has been the best player of this series so far.

It’s not panic time yet. There’s still another level or two that the Blackhawks have yet to reach in this series. There’s still plenty of time for the Hawks to take control. That better start happening tonight though, or else we could see a lot more bandwagon jumpers over the next two days. Have some faith, and beers. LET’S GO HAWKS!!!


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