Western Conference Playoffs Round 2 vs. Minnesota: Game 4


This warm weather is making my beard itchy.

What is there to really say after watching the Blackhawks take a 3-0 series lead? The Hawks are beating the Wild at their own game. Patrick Kane grabbed them the lead early and then the Hawks used solid defense, goaltending, and penalty killing to shut down Minnesota for the next 54 minutes. When a team goes into a complete defensive shell for the last 10 minutes of the game, bad things usually happen. Not this time. The Wild had no answer. You could see it on their faces.

This would be a perfect night for Octo-Bickell to make his first appearance. The State of Hockey will definitely be crapping their collective overalls every time Kane touches the puck, so all eyes will be on him. That means Bryan Bickell, the Wild Killer, should plant his big butt in front of the net and clean up some dirty goals tonight because he’ll be wide open. If Bicks gets one early, we might hear some boobirds (not just saying DOOOOOOB).

I’d like to see Corey Crawford have another good game. Maybe then the Crow Haters will get on board for the rest of the playoffs. Hopefully he’s back on track and will go on a hot streak for the next four or five weeks. I can only hope that we’ll look back on that guy’s career and make fun of all the people who wanted him benched for Antti Niemi. Crow was one false step at the House of Blues away from being a Vezina Trophy finalist this year. It just doesn’t make sense to me why so many people hate him.

Another late start. That sucks, but apparently the Hawks have all these late games because they draw nationally and all of the hardcore fans in Chicago are staying up late to watch them anyway. Since NBC (who makes these decisions) is coming out ahead, don’t expect these start times to change. They’ll get even later if and when the Hawks travel to Anaheim or Calgary. Hopefully that would be after about 10 more overtimes between those two teams. Anyway, LET’S GO HAWKS!!!


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