Western Conference Playoffs Round 2 vs. Minnesota: Game 3


There’s a gray hair in my mustache. That’s a turn of events. I’ve never seen one of those before. I’m not ready to admit that I’m old yet, but this is just one of the several reminders I’ve been given this week that I’m not young either. I still look good though.

One thing we have to remember as we move ahead through the next few years watching the Blackhawks is that Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are still on the upswing of their careers. That was evident Sunday night in Game 2. Toews is a beast on both ends of the ice and has been able gain and keep posession of the puck almost at will. Kane has reached the point where you think he’s going to score every time he touches the puck. Watch this like five times in a row. Beautiful, all in one motion, shot it right where he wanted it. As long as the Blackhawks have these two with a decent supporting cast, they’ll be in it every year.

Despite playing probably their best game of the playoffs so far, the meatballs want to call in to sports radio the next morning and clamor for the backup goalie. Yes, the goal Corey Crawford gave up early in the 3rd period of Game 2 was a softy. Did you watch the rest of the game? He didn’t give up any other goals and was at his best throughout most of it. Even after getting hit by a slapshot in the facemask, he held his ground. And no, he didn’t need to go through the “concussion protocol” because he wasn’t concussed. I’ve heard that getting hit like that is the equivalent to a flash-bang grenade going off near you. The impact, the sound, I bet that’s disorienting. Crow was fine, he is fine, and he has played well since regaining the net.

You can bet this will be the toughest game of the playoffs for the Blackhawks so far. Xcel Energy Center is apparently an awesome place to see a game. Couple that with the fact that Minnesota probably has the most hockey fans per capita than any other state in the U.S., that place will get pretty loud at the start of tonight’s game. An interesting stat I saw today is that the Blackhawks are 1-9 in Game 3’s on the road under Joel Quennville, have lost their last 7 in that scenario. The Wild will certainly come out looking different than they did in Game 2. If the Blackhawks can quiet that crowd down early, they can sneak another win and a 3-0 series lead. If not, there’s still a chance to take a commanding lead back to Chicago for Game 5. The Blackhawks have played well so far in this series, but they haven’t won anything yet. LET’S GO HAWKS!!!


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