Western Conference Playoffs Round 1 vs. Nashville: Game 6


At about the 10-day point, some grey guys have started to show up. A little salt and pepper to add to an already multi-colored beard. I count four grey hairs. That count is of course approximate.

Game 5 looked a lot like Game 2. I never felt like the Blackhawks weren’t going to lose up until the wheels fell off midway through the 3rd period. Even after they got down 3, I felt like the Hawks still had a chance to come back. Despite the return of Patrick Kane’s black magic, they couldn’t pull it off. I have a couple concerns, but the Hawks are still in a good spot to close the series out tonight at home and I’m confident they will.


Duncan Keith didn’t have a very good night on Thursday. There have been times in this series where he just looked like he didn’t have his best game with him. That could be the result of a massive workload, 40 minutes of ice time or more in the multi-overtime Games 1 and 4 and 30+ minutes in the other three, catching up to the 31 yr. old. I know, I don’t think that’s it either. Keith has been paired with The Undead Michal Rozsival during 5-on-5 play, so he’s had to cover for his zombie defensive partner. Keith hasn’t been able to really assert himself at times because of this. With Coach Q being able to dictate matchups thanks to home ice advantage and the benefit of the last change before faceoffs, he’ll be able to lean more heavily on his top 4 defensemen and Keith will be able to play more aggressively.

Release the Kraken

Remember playoff hero Bryan Bickell? Sure, he leads the Blackhawks in hits so far, but where is the offense? Where is the goalie eclipse that he was the last two playoffs? We were promised Direct TV Bryan Bickell come April, not the one who has cable. He talked it up all year about how his game is more suited to the physical nature of the playoffs as opposed to the regular season and that he would raise his game when it mattered. Well, it sure would be nice to see an appearance on the scoresheet from Octo-Bickell.

More Black Magic

Yes, that pass to Kris Versteeg was sick. That was just the tip of the iceberg, my frents. After taking a hit at the defensive blue line from bag of douche Mike Ribeiro at the end of the 2nd period of Game 5 (not only did Ribeiro leave his feet, he led with his elbow), Kane started to turn it on. Kaner looked rusty for the first couple games, perhaps even hesitant as he was trying to get his legs under him. No more of that. It’s time for the Return of the Jedi (Marian Hossa is definitely Obi-Wan). I think today is that day.

The Blackhawks should play inspired tonight. They know the fickle nature of Game 7’s and don’t want to go back to Nashville under that circumstance. You’d figure a Saturday night home crowd would be plenty lubed up to make a lot of noise and will the Hawks to a victory tonight. The Hawks looked good in their two home games already in this series and I’m confident that will continue tonight. Tighten up on defense and bury some chances early so we can send the Nashville fans back to eating their shitty biscuit tacos. LET’S GO HAWKS!!!


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