The Need for Two TVs in Colorado

I can only imagine taking the trip to Colorado for this weekend. Which game would I attend tonight: Blackhawks or Cubs in Colorado? Could I sit in Coors Field knowing that there is a pivotal, season-ending Blackhawks game happening at the same time as an early season Cubs game? I could. I would sit someplace in the stadium that was showing the hockey game. I’ve done that before.

I can tell you this much about the 2014-2015 Blackhawks: they aren’t concerned with what you think about how they have played. They also seem to think that they can play the game, that they need to play to win, whenever they feel like it. They didn’t bring their A-game every night this year and they know that. However, with the LA Kings missing out on the playoffs this year, that leaves the Blackhawks as the most experienced, and probably the deepest, team in the playoffs. I wouldn’t bet against them.

One standings point is all they need tonight. Get this game to overtime and they finish in 3rd place. That sets up a matchup with the Nashville Predators, who we moonwalked out of a series against in 2010 like we knew we would win all along. That of course was after a Game 5 that truly was the beginning of the Golden Age of Blackhawks Hockey.

A regulation loss and a Minnesota Wild win sets the Blackhawks back to the first wild card spot. That would mean a first round matchup with one of the division winning teams in the Western Conference, either St. Louis or Anaheim.  The better scenario for the Blackhawks would be for those two teams to get beat up for a round or two before they would have to face them.

The Hawks are already down 1-0, but the Cubs are winning. I’m hoping hockey keeps my attention for tonight, and the next two months for that matter.


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